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Kristi Park always works to bring the benefits and love of nature to cities, schools, and cultural communities with an urban, playful, inclusive, and sustainable twist. With her experience living in both rural and urban environments, she recognizes that parks and open spaces not only allow natural systems and biodiversity to function, but also provide the opportunity for human recreation and exposure to nature, which have been shown to improve many dimensions of human health.

Kristi is also excited to pursue opportunities to re-develop cultural communities that are transitioning through various phases of development and from a rural to a rural/urban environment. Intrigued and humbled by the opportunity to learn more intimately about Native American culture, she works to create designs that reinforce cultural values and stories without obvious cultural icons or signage. She is fascinated by the intersection between the common practices of horticulture and plantingplans and the opportunities for cultural education and biophilia through ethnobotanical planting designs.

As a landscape architect and project manager for the West Studio, Kristi is well-versed in all phases of project development from conceptual design to construction documentation on a wide variety of projects.  She has strong experience in project management, graphic communication, crafting and giving presentations, community engagement, planting design, permit coordination and construction documentation. Her diverse career background is supplemented with her personal and professional love for environmental ethics, social equity, art and enjoying the great-out-of-doors.

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