evidence-based design for supportive environments


  • Stillaguamish Village Wellness Center

    Stillaguamish Village Wellness Center

    The Stillaguamish Wellness Center and Massage Clinic is intended to be a supportive medical service for Stillaguamish Tribal members.  The…

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  • Stillaguamish Village Parks and Open Space

    Stillaguamish Village Parks and Open Spa

    Stillaguamish Village is a supportive community development envisioned by the Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians. With the goal of bringing the…

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  • Tolowa Dat-Naa-Svt Housing Village

    Tolowa Dat-Naa-Svt Housing Village

    The West Studio is honored to be part of the design team developing culturally inspired site planning solutions, Low Income…

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  • Arlington Campus – Crisis Residential Center

    Arlington Campus – Crisis Resident

     Safe shelter is critical not just for physical security but for restoring dignity and healing the effects of trauma. The…

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  • Stillaguamish Village Supportive Elders Housing

    Stillaguamish Village Supportive Elders

    The Stillaguamish Tribe has experienced relocation throughout its history. A primary goal of the planned community development, therefore, is to…

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  • Stillaguamish Village Canoe Carving Center

    Stillaguamish Village Canoe Carving Cent

    LOCATION  Arlington, WA The Pacific Northwest is well known for the art, culture, and people of the Coastal Salish Tribes.…

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  • DESC N90 Supportive Housing

    DESC N90 Supportive Housing

    An estimated 12,000 Seattle residents lived outdoors in 2017 thanks to soaring housing prices in the area. The number of…

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  • Stillaquamish Village Conservation Community

    Stillaquamish Village Conservation Commu

    Culture shapes the feelings, thoughts, and actions of every person. It is therefore essential to create culturally relevant spaces, particularly…

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  • Pike Place Preschool Playground

    Pike Place Preschool Playground

    This project is an example of the importance of doing a follow-up site evaluation to glean lessons learned and identify processes…

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  • PTOI Veterans Memorial

    PTOI Veterans Memorial

     The Puyallup Tribe of Indians Veterans Memorial: “A sacred circle filled with a lot of blood, sweat and tears that…

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  • Sustainable Maintenance Manual

    Sustainable Maintenance Manual

    Operations and maintenance (O&M) includes all aspects of running a project over the course of its life. Because of the…

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  • Redmond Bike Park

    Redmond Bike Park

    Over the past 60 years our culture has witnessed a continuous, gradual, but ultimately dramatic decline in children’s opportunities to…

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  • Vantage Point Senior Apartments

    Vantage Point Senior Apartments

    The new supportive senior housing community, which will open its doors to residents in late 2015, is being built on…

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  • Plaza Roberto Maestas

    Plaza Roberto Maestas

    "Every community needs voices of conscience, people for whom business as usual and irrational unfairness are simply not acceptable and…

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  • Jardin de Malinalco Meditation Garden

    Jardin de Malinalco Meditation Garden

    We now have an overwhelming amount of empirical evidence to add to intuition and anecdote: incorporating views to nature in your yoga…

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  • Asthma, Allergens and Children

    Asthma, Allergens and Children

    Asthma is a lung disease that makes breathing difficult for millions of Americans. Disproportionately affecting low-income, minority and inner city…

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  • Veterans Hospital Campus Expansion

    Veterans Hospital Campus Expansion

    Phase one of this three phase, $165 million dollar veterans hospital project is now complete. The first phase includes the new…

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  • Multi-age Elementary Outdoor Classroom

    Multi-age Elementary Outdoor Classroom

    Eagle Rock Multi-age Elementary's outdoor classroom and nature trail is an extension of the schools existing natural playground and has served…

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  • Green River Homes and Community Park

    Green River Homes and Community Park

    This fast-paced project renovated 60 low-income 1950's rental units in this supportive housing community centered on a vibrant new park on…

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  • Imani Village Supportive Housing

    Imani Village Supportive Housing

    Shelter is a fundamental human need, but vulnerable populations especially need housing that goes beyond the basics. Imani Village provides…

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  • PTOI Restorative Justice Center

    PTOI Restorative Justice Center

    The new Puyallup Tribe of Indians Restorative Justice Center is designed in a manner that is responsive to the cultural…

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  • PTOI Elders Housing

    PTOI Elders Housing

    The West Studio is currently collaborating on the new assisted living addition to the Puyallup Tribe of Indians Elders Center.…

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  • Playhouse Infill Development

    Playhouse Infill Development

    We are adept at providing quick turnaround on permit documents meeting Seattle Green Factor requirements for your infill development project.

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  • Fircrest Healing Garden

    Fircrest Healing Garden

    Fircrest School, a full-service therapeutic community located in the city of Shoreline, is the only state run Residential Care Facility…

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  • Chehalis Elders Center

    Chehalis Elders Center

    The West Studio is worked with a|r|c Architects on the phase one of the Master Plan for the heavily wooded second growth…

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