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Stillaquamish Village Master Plan

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The West Studio recently completed a master plan for a sustainable, supportive village community development for the Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians working with Herrera and 7-Directions Architects. With the goal of bringing the Tribe's members home to a community that reflects the their culture and values in a meaningful way, this conservation community will center on a large community parkway system that weaves the story of their connection to sky, land and river into areas for large community gatherings, neighborhood parks, open space, trails and an adventure nature playground. Nestled around the park system are single family homes, young adult townhouses, supportive elder housing with a therapeutic elders garden, and community amenities including a fitness & pool center, a family wellness center and canoe carving facility.

Arlington, WA


80 acres

Audrey West

Herrera Environmental
7 Directions Architects and Planners


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