Stillaguamish Village Wellness Center

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The Stillaguamish Wellness Center and Massage Clinic is intended to be a supportive medical service for Stillaguamish Tribal members.  The existing center, located in Arlington, WA, is proposed to be relocated to the Stillaguamish project to better support the community as resources and living opportunities become available in this phased, conservation community development.

The West Studio utilized therapeutic landscape architecture principles and research methods to develop a planting and hardscape plan that will provide a meditative and stress-reducing, experience for both staff and clients of the Clinic. The planting palette is comprised of a primarily native PNW plant mix which was chosen for its drought tolerant qualities and ethnobotanical value. The medicine wheel located near the Wellness center can host medical plants to enable a locally sourced, cultural healing practices.  A central outdoor courtyard will be nestled near the forest edge and will host native understory plants, boulders, and deck-seating areas to allow the staff to enjoy an easily accessible a contemplative PNW forest experience as part of their work day which will increase staff retention, reduce stress and increase mental clarity.

Arlington, WA


80 acres

Herrera Environmental
7 Directions Architects and Planners

The West Studio