Stillaguamish Village Supportive Elders Housing

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The Stillaguamish Tribe has experienced relocation throughout its history. A primary goal of the planned community development, therefore, is to bring tribe members back to a home that reflects their history and culture. Much of this cultural memory lives within the Stillaguamish Elders, so one of the top priorities of the Tribe is to provide accommodating yet self-contained housing for these revered members of the community to age in place.

Determining the right balance between supportive services and independent living was a major design challenge. Two types of housing, independent and supportive, bookend a therapeutic landscape, with a courtyard, trail system and garden, that promotes active senior lifestyles. The plantings, materials, surface treatments, and path planning were all carefully selected to promote health outcomes.  A variety of gathering spaces and sweeping paths provide options for social activities and private use. A relocated drainage field was planted as a meadow area that preserved and worked around select trees.

The West Studio utilized evidence-based-design methods to understand the cultural, community, supportive and independent living needs and desires of the Stillaguamish Elder Community. The design team has met regularly with the Elders and housing team to ensure that the project is meeting the needs and expectations of all stakeholders and users.

Location: Arlington, WA

Dates: 2017-Present

Size: 80 acres

Team: Herrera Environmental
7 Directions Architects and Planners

Image Credit: The West Studio