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Operations and maintenance (O&M) includes all aspects of running a project over the course of its life. Because of the far-reaching nature of O&M, a well-designed and properly executed program is critical to the overall success of a "sustainably-designed" facility.

Working in close collaboration with Urban Forestry, Inc.’s horticultural specialist on multiple design and evaluation projects for King County Housing Authority has provided us with deep insight into solving their long-term maintenance issues. This team process has allowed us to develop critical strategies and tactics that have been incorporated into a site specific sustainable maintenance manual providing easy to use, comprehensible tools and resources to enhance the expertise and experience of their staff while building a more resilient landscape requiring fewer inputs of mineral fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation water, and maintenance man-hours.

Pacific Northwest



Current Audrey West
(Originally as Managing Principal for Nakano Associates)

Current Team: The West Studio, Urban Forestry, Inc.
Original Team: Urban Forestry, Inc., Nakano Associates, Hafs and Company

Presenter, Green Gardening Winter Workshop: Smart Water Use from the Ground Up, Design to Maintenance Reality, 2014. Audrey West and Chris Pfeiffer.

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