Playhouse Infill Development

  • Deuces_duplex_alley_infill
  • Helluva-Dame_infill_developmemt_queen-anne
  • Helluva-Dame_single_family_infill
  • Helluva-Dame_single_family_queen-ann
  • Herons-nest_infill_alley_duplex
  • Lady-Luck_infill_development
  • Lady-Luck_infill_housing_low-maintenance

With over 20 infill development projects under our belt, we are adept at providing quick turnaround on permit documents meeting Seattle Green Factor requirements. Our firm is experienced in designing residential landscapes tailored to the requirements of the developer and future homeowner, and bringing instant curb appeal suited to the season it will be on the market.

Location: Seattle, WA
Dates: 2012-2014
Size: Varied
Image Credits: Audrey West

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