Imani Village Supportive Housing

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Shelter is a fundamental human need, but vulnerable populations especially need housing that goes beyond the basics. Imani Village provides affordable supportive housing and the benefits of being near nature for low-income women and children in central Seattle.

We maximized the tight footprint of the site by incorporating landscaped courtyards, a variety of play areas, rain gardens, and bioswale into the design. Children and their families have opportunities for nature play among low-allergen and predominantly native plants. A community room and amphitheater connecting the building to First Place School provides space for social gatherings.

Sustainable design elements such as a green screen perimeter, bioswale, pervious recycled rubber playground surfacing, and a rooftop photovoltaic solar system not only reduce the site's environmental impact but also long-term maintenance costs. The project was certified for both Built Green 4-star and the Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard, and met Seattle Green Factor requirements.

Location: Seattle, WA
Dates: 2012-2013
Size: .33 acres
Team: DKA Architects; Audrey West  (As Managing Principal with Nakano Associates) and Coughlin-Porter-Lundeen
Image Credits: DKA Architects

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