Green River Homes and Community Park

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This fast-paced project renovated 60 low-income 1950's rental units in this supportive housing community centered on a vibrant new park on the existing eight-acre site for the King County Housing Authority (KCHA). The site renovation created a park like setting that gave definition and character to the units and a unified plant palette to streetscapes. The highlight of the development is the exciting new community park with a variety of play and picnic areas serving all ages and abilities within the community. Elements include a fully accessible school-age area, toddler area with ‘trike track’ nestled against the birch grove with family picnic area, basketball court and rolling play field.

The design emphasizes low impact development strategies such as drought tolerant, non-toxic and low allergen planting, and temporary irrigation. This project is a great example of how close collaboration with other disciplines can add great value to a project. In this case the careful consideration of soil health and shrub maintenance, which were key to meeting the long-range maintenance goals of KCHA, and the creation of a site specific maintenance manual.

Audrey also worked in close partnership with Urban Forestry and the King County Housing Authority.

Location: Auburn, WA
Dates: 2003
Size: 8 acres w/ 59 affordable housing units
Firm Leadership: 
Team: King County Housing Authority; Urban Forestry, Inc; Audrey West (As Managing Principal with Nakano Associates)
Image Credits: Audrey West and Hirewire


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