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8 Benefits of Outdoor Play Spaces

Well-designed outdoor play spaces directly benefit child development and creativity. Here are just 8 of the numerous benefits: Outdoor play spaces provide an outlet for different types of play including function/motor development, construction, socio-dramatic, and games with rules. They allow children to connect with nature and develop a relationship with the world around them. They help…
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8 Health Benefits of Being Out in Nature

Spring is finally here! Time to shake off the winter blues and get outside. We have the evidence to explain the health benefits of why you should be spending more time in nature. 1. Reduced Anxiety & Depression Rumination is what happens when you get really sad and you can’t stop thinking about it or…
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Taking Adventure Nature Play to the Street!

On Friday Morning, September 18th, The West Studio was not immersed in usual office activities, but was making quite an exciting commotion as their enthusiasm for healthy children’s environments spilled out onto Hiawatha Place South. A vibrantly green display was taking shape in the form of an adventure nature playground. It was PARK(ing) Day 2015,…
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Asthma, Allergens and Children

Blast from the past; this year marks the 11th anniversary of the publication of "Low-allergen landscapes nothing to sneeze at..." in the April 22, 2004 edition of the DJC, I thought it would be fun to revisit this work and the research that went into the Highpoint Healthy Homes Initiative and the outcomes of the study…
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