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Design to Maintenance Reality

Because we all know that excellent maintenance practices cannot make up for poor design or problem soils, and excellent design can be ruined with poor maintenance techniques. The KCHA Maintenance Manuals are an ongoing collaboration between Chris Pfeiffer, Consulting Associate at Urban Forestry Services, Inc. and Audrey West, Principal at The West Studio. With their combine…
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2015 ASLA/WASLA Student Awards

This month Audrey served on the 2015 ASLA/WASLA Student Awards Jurors Panel.  The Washington Chapter and the regional American Society of Landscape Architects Student Award Nominees Presentations to be held at the  Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Washington's Gould Hall. The WASLA Review Panel took place on May 13th with fellow jurors Carrie Culp,…
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El Centro de la Raza Breaks Ground!

The West Studio celebrated at the Groundbreaking Ceremony for Plaza Roberto Maestas (PRM) March 6th 2015. On a sunny Friday morning a festive band welcomed members of the PRM project team, El Centro de la Raza, the Beacon Hill community, and leaders in the city of Seattle, on an empty gravel lot in front of…
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Re-discovering the Nature of a Playground

Play is an important part of creativity and child development – as designers our goal is to support and encourage children to play by building playgrounds that maximize opportunities for learning and engagement. For us, that means always remembering to make playgrounds not just accessible, but inclusive of all children and caregivers, and their broad spectrum…
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