Hiawatha Arts and Business PARK(ing) Day 2016

Hiawatha Arts and Business PARK(ing) Day 2016

This past September the Hiawatha Art's and Business district turned PARK(ing) Day into a collaborative community affair. It is incredible how even the smallest of parks can foster community togetherness and socialization. We had people of all ages and abilities stopping by to chat, laugh, share refreshments and play!

parkingday_cafespokes    parkingday_spokesperson    parkingday_dancerscafe

Remember last year's jungle theme? Well, this year we were inspired by the French film, The Triplets of Belleville. Adults and kids alike activated our park while playing on bike-part instruments, dancing to quirky music, riding inclusive stationary bicycles, and relaxing at cozy cafe tables. To be sure, there was something to be enjoyed by everyone.

parkingday_kidscoloring      parkingday_cafekids

parkingday_drumming    parkingday_bikemusic    parkingday_music

Check out a cool video of professional percussion on our Instagram! @the_west_studio

By providing a small space not even two parking stalls long, friends, neighbors, and commuters were able to meet and greet. They shared a break with one another, even just briefly; and in the process, strengthened community relationships and increased the quality of life in our urban neighborhood.

parkingday_recumbent3    parkingday_recumbent4    parkingday_recumbent

The recumbent bike was a hit with its comfortable and easy to adjust seat!

We hope everyone enjoyed our little rendezvous and hope to see you next year for another positively awesome event!

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A big THANK YOU to our PARK(ing) Day 2016 collaborators!

Construction help from volunteers and friends of The West Studio including:

To find out more about PARK(ing) Day in Seattle click here and see you next year for PARK(ing) Day 2017!


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