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Let the 2017 Fall Internship Begin!

The West Studio team welcomes our 2017 Fall Internship candidate, Linda Ashby. Linda comes to the West Studio to build her skills using LandFX, to continue gaining real-world industry experience, to observe the firm’s ongoing work and participate in our in-house research and development.

Linda is currently serving as the Washington chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects Conference Chair and also serves on the Board of the Landscape Architecture Foundation.

For Linda, design and writing are threads of the same cloth. Separately both have the ability to create worlds that have never before existed. Both can editorialize the world as it is. And both can powerfully address and influence the human condition. But when combined, design and communication create a synergy that can change the world on a profound scale.

Linda draws on a richly diverse background of sustainable & integrative landscape design, corporate marketing & mass communications, high-level project management, and business development. She is passionate about uniting the research interests of a multifaceted discipline and advancing the expertise of landscape architects in a growing arena of external audiences and interdisciplinary collaborators.

We are thrilled to provide this internship to Linda and have her with us as part of our Friday Studio. We were so excited that we decided to have fall start in August!!



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