8 Benefits of Outdoor Play Spaces

Well-designed outdoor play spaces directly benefit child development and creativity. Here are just 8 of the numerous benefits:

  1. Outdoor play spaces provide an outlet for different types of play including function/motor development, construction, socio-dramatic, and games with rules.
  2. They allow children to connect with nature and develop a relationship with the world around them.
  3. They help children develop a love and respect for the environment.
  4. Outdoor play areas serve as community spaces which provide opportunities for social and socio-dramatic play.
  5. They offer children multiple opportunities for interpretation and imagination.
  6. They can be magical places which allow children to assume new roles and realities and further develop their imagination and creativity.
  7. Outdoor play spaces can provide objects and resources for dramatic and construction play that are not possible through man made objects.
  8. They provide some freedom from boundaries and rules and provide opportunities for divergent thinking.

Many urban areas have experienced a loss of natural play space, well designed inclusive play areas can provide children and their caretakers with access to the natural world. Playgrounds can be fun and awesome, providing exposure to many environments and types of play that can help develop more creative and happy children.


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