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Our team

  • Your West Studio Team

    Who We Are: The West Studio is a small firm doing big, meaningful work. Our Vision: That all members of the community have just and...

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  • Audrey West

    Through many years of experience living and working with different cultural communities, Audrey West has learned the importance of viewing design through...

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  • Kristi Park

    Kristi Park always works to bring the benefits and love of nature to cities, schools, and cultural communities with an urban, playful,...

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  • Ann Dinthongsai

    Ann Dinthongsai is a talented young designer who brings a new depth of cultural understanding to The West Studio. Her lifelong interest...

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  • Justine Stimler

    Justine and her team of solution specialists provide business consulting and bookkeeping services to The West Studio, and to clients throughout the...

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  • Jennifer Fultz

    Jennifer is a freelance writer and marketing consultant. She specializes in creating strategic, engaging content for authentic brands and businesses. Her professional...

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Why us

Client Satisfaction

Focused expertise

The West Studio believes that excellence comes with focus. In the words of Aristotle: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Our focus helps you achieve the greatest possible outcomes for your project long into the future. Our team listens, responds with sensitivity, and delivers powerful results through expert design, consulting services, and assessment tools.

Evidence driven

At The West Studio, we base site planning and design decisions on reliable evidence. We work with you to define your specific design goals and objectives. We are ever mindful of client goals and objectives and ensure the best possible user and operational outcomes - that is what evidence-based design is all about.


The West Studio is different and we like it that way. Our flexibility and emphasis on skill sharing, community participation, and systems analysis allows us to approach a diverse range of projects with confidence and commitment.

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