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EBD is Better

For community, health, and efficiency

Our mission is to maximize positive outcomes for our clients and the community at large by creating socially, environmentally, and economically supportive environments.

Evidence-based design (EBD) is the better approach to environmental design that balances documented scientific research, anecdotal evidence, personal knowledge, user input, and well-established best practices.

Our data-driven methods maximize positive outcomes, and cultivate a practice of on-going collaboration with each of our clients.

EBD Everywhere

Care, Live, Learn, Work

Our approach applies to a broad set of applications in any industry that seeks to foster community, improve health, and enhance learning.

Our work is built on collaborative teamwork, open communication, and continual learning. We use data to drive our decisions, respond quickly to change, and are accountable for excellent outcomes.

Together, we develop economically viable, strategic recommendations and action plans to maximize quality, sustainability, and community satisfaction.

EBD for Your Project

A holistic, customizable approach

We find evidence-based, holistically sustainable solutions for our clients at the intersection of architecture, landscape architecture, ecology and culture.

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Health is the heart of
Evidence-Based Design.

Accessing the benefits of nature to design healthier, efficient, supportive communities.

Recent Success Implementing EBD

Stillaguamish Village Master Plan

Our Clients

We work with amazing organizations that strive to meet the needs of their immediate community and the surrounding population—and we don’t take this lightly. Our clients engage us to help them solve problems and increase positive outcomes for residents, staff, patients, students, employees, and their bottom line. Our clients are our partners, and we work collaboratively to achieve measurable results.

Who We Are

The West Studio is a full-service evidence-based landscape architecture firm. Our innovative team designs sustainable, culturally relevant, supportive environments such as healthcare settings, affordable family and elder housing, parks, community facilities, justice centers, educational facilities, and memorials. We aim to increase value for every client and partnership.

The West Studio is a state certified Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) and a federally certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and Small Business Enterprise (DBE/SBE).

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